Good things take time // encouragement for those who have not yet arrived.


Change is a funny thing. Sometimes it happens suddenly and without warning, and sometimes we don’t even realize it has happened until we look back. But other times, we wish for it but it never seems to come. Change is fast and change is slow.

It's no secret we live in an instant society. We can have almost anything we want whenever we want it, and while I love getting a latte within 3 minutes and anything shipped to my door in only 2 days, I want to remind us of the value of things that will never be made instant.

I’ve just recently become a mom, and I understand why people say it can be exhausting and sometimes unrewarding: because it takes a long time to raise a child. To teach him/her everything from how to sit up or how to read, to how to be kind to those who aren’t. Sometimes really really important - perhaps even the most important things - take a long time to learn.

For instance, job satisfaction. Or good friends. A strong marriage, self-confidence, a healthy lifestyle. If you’re frustrated because you’ve been trying hard with no success at one of these things, I’m here to give you permission to breathe. There are a lucky few who instantly connect with a new friend, or who love their jobs the moment they walk in the door, but it’s taking the vast majority of us a lot longer. We get discouraged because it appears that everything is coming easily to everyone but us, but that's just not true. These things take a lot of hard work, perseverance, and picking ourselves up again after we fail.

I am 23 years old and still dread small talk or meeting new people. I can't seem to break old habits and eating healthy is hard. But I’m okay with this, because I know some things just take hard work and a lot of time to develop. So be encouraged - not everyone is as successful or as disciplined or as confident as they seem. With God, change will come. Sometime in a moment, and sometimes in a lifetime.


By Olivia Gallagher


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