School of Ministry Development


With just four months of marriage under our belt, my husband and I packed our bags for YWAM LA to take part in a three month training school called SOMD (school of ministry development.) We had met two years prior during our DTS in Costa Rica and had a shared passion for missions. We both knew that we had callings in longterm ministry and with that in mind we knew that we needed tools, training, and resources. As we prayed and sought guidance it was suggested to us that we do an SOMD. After learning more about the school we instantly knew that it was exactly what we were looking for. Twelve years later and after serving in missions overseas, pastoring a local church and directing a YWAM base I still look back on those pivotal months as a time of growth, faithfulness, and equipping. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to notes and teachings from that training school. I am so thankful that God called us there and that we took those months to fully submit and be present to each teaching we received. We have since had the privilege of running two SOMDs at our current YWAM base in Pismo Beach. Walking with, equipping, and championing our students gives us so much life and those seasons have been so rich in growth and learning. With each school we run I gain a new composition notebook filled with incredible and valuable teachings to soak up and continue to look back on.

As we soon approach the fall I am looking forward to adding a new composition book to my collection as we will be running our third SOMD at YWAM Pismo Beach! We have already begun to accept students with a desire to learn more about their callings, passions, identity and how to effectively serve and lead in ministry. If you have completed a DTS and desire to further your growth or if you are looking for training to launch you into your next step this is the school for you. I can’t wait to dig in and see callings and desires unfold with a new set of students. If you want to be a part of that I would absolutely love to chat more about how we can tailor this school to best suit your needs. Email me at and let’s talk soon!

-Sarah Ortega